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Long ago, prophets came among the Anishinabe Ojibway and foretold seven ages through which their people would pass. In the Age of the Seventh Fire, our present age, it was prophesied that the human race would reach a crossroads and we would have to choose which path to follow. The path that was natural and embraced harmony and balance with all living beings would ultimately lead to peace and sustainability throughout the world, but the other path that was fast-paced and built by the careless exploitation of the natural world would lead to the destruction of the environment and ultimately to the end of life on Mother Earth. The prophet foretold that at this time a New People would arise and lead humanity on the path of harmony and balance with the natural world. These New People are the People of the Seventh Fire.

The New People are coming together from all directions, and represent every race and ethnicity. They are raising a new consciousness in the world and are directing their energies toward bringing peace and sustainability to the earth. They are learning and living a way of life that strives for harmony and balance with the Earth, and ultimately, unity with the Maker and Sustainer of Life. Known by many names, this spiritual path seeks to understand the interconnectedness of all strands in the web of life. All people originate from a native indigenous culture; and these teachings, which encompass a way of life rooted in observation and respectful interaction with the natural world, are found within all “first nations”. These teachings are our common heritage. It is our responsibility to choose the path that will lead to a promising future for our children and the generations to come.

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